Yummy Darwinism

Is based upon basic human behaviour and the concept of the “survival of the fittest,” or the 
“strong eat the weak.”


The cards:

– card translations below the games rules !

1) The playing cards and jokers (with points in the corners and a coloured border) are divided into 5 different groups; all playing cards belonging to a group are worth the same amount of points (found in the card’s corners).  The groups are:

Yellow- citizens (Volk) = 1 point 

Green- executive power (Staatsmacht) = 2 points

Brown- politics (Politik) = 3 points

Black- terror (Terror) = 4 points

Red- USA (USA) = 5 points


2) The action cards (no point value in the corner and a coloured interior surface!) are divided into the same groups as the playing cards explained above.  There is one additional action card that represents the most powerful action card in the game: Aliens invade the USA (more powerful than the USA action cards). In contrast the citizens action cards represent the least powerful.


How to Play:

-         Shuffle all the cards and place them face down.

-         Each player is dealt 6 cards (closed hand)

-         Each player whose turn it is:…

…1)  must draw a card

…2)  may then play sets of three (3 of the same cards or 3 different cards of the same group) playing cards.


                  3 *citizens/ the anarchist   or    1 *citizens / the proletariat
                                                                                  1 *citizens/ the student  
                                                                  1 *citzens/ the trade unionist

The combination of playing cards does not matter so long as there are not 2 of the same playing cards with a third different card.These sets of playing cards have to be placed face up on the player´s playing field in front of him/her.

…3)  may also play action cards.  Action cards can be placed on other players’ triplets/playing card sets (not your own!)  However, they can only be placed on triplets from the group directly below (in point value) the action card’s.  A “executive power” action card can, for instance, be played against a “citizens” triplet.  “Trumped” triplets are removed from the opponent’s playing field and placed in a separate point pile (face down) by the player.  The player may play as many action cards as he/she wants. Played action cards are out of the game !

…4) at the end of the turn (when all triplets and action cards have been played) the player refills his/her hand to 6 cards.  For each triplet that the player has on the playing field, he/she may draw one extra card.  If a player has too many cards at the end of his/her turn (if for instance, one player´s triplets were trumped out and not replaced during the next turn of this player) the cards –the supernumerary cards the player holds- must be placed face up next to the deck.  These cards are out of the game!  (This also occurs when no action cards were played and only one card is drawn at the beginning of the player´s turn).


The end of the game:

The game is over when the deck runs out!!!


Goal of the game:

The goal is to have as many triplets as possible on the playing field and to have as many trumped triplets from opponents as possible. 


Who won?

The one with the most points wins.  All trumped triplets are counted ( one triplet is worth 1x the point value in the corner).

Also, the point value of the triplets on the playing field are counted.


Special rules:

  1. If a player plays 3 of the same playing cards of one group, this triplet can immediately be placed in the player’s point pile.  As a result, the direction of play reverses.
  2. Jokers can also be played. They can be played like normal playing cards.  The question mark stands for any card in the joker’s group.  Any player may replace the joker with a suitable card and use the joker for him/herself (not your own jokers !).
  3. Cards can be traded (but only with the person whose turn it is !)
  4. USA triplets that are trumped cannot be placed in the point pile.  They are placed in the playing field of the player who trumps them (+1 when drawing cards).
  5. In addition to the “Aliens invade the USA” action card, citizens action cards can also be played against the USA.  In this case, the triplet can no longer be trumped by the alien invasion card.  If a USA triplet is trumped three times by citzens action cards, the player who played the third action card, may place the USA triplet in his/her own playing field in front of him/her (the two first citizens action cards stay on the USA triplet and nothing happens until the 3rd citizens action card is placed on the same USA triplet !).  The three citizens action cards are out of the game.  If less than three trump cards are played against a USA triplet throughout the game, a point is subtracted from the value of the triplet for each citizens action card that is on the triplet.  Only one citizens action card per player´s turn can be played against a USA triplet.


The cards

The game contains 75 playing cards (points in the corners and a coloured border)

and 5 jokers:


The anarchist (*3) (Der Autonome)

The bourgeois (*3) (Der Spießer)

The scientist (*3) (Der Wissenschaftler)

The proletariat (*3) (Der Proletarier)

The student (*3) (Der Student)

The trade unionist (*3) (Der Gewerkschafter)


executive power

The  border police (*3) (der BGS)

The police (*3) (die Polizei)

The military (*3) (das Militär)

The ticket controller (*3) (Der Fahrkartenkontolleur)

The judiciative (*3) (Die Judikative)

The secret police (*3) (Der Verfassungsschutz)



Corruption (*3) (Korruption)

Diplomacy (*3) (Diplomatie)

Media (*3) (Medien)

Organized crime (*3) (Organisiertes Verbrechen)

The legislative (*3) (Die Legislative)



CIA (*3) (CIA)

IRA (*3) (IRA)

The Islam (*3) (Der Islam)

The assasin (*3) (Der Attentäter)



Rambo (*3) (Rambo)

Superman (*3) (Superman)

The president (*3) (Der Präsident)



The game contains 20 action cards (no points in the corners and a coloured intrerior)


Pollution control (*1) (Umweltschutz)

Economic boycott (*1) (Wirtschaftsboykott)

Direct action (*1) (Direkte Aktion)

Demonstration (*1) (Demonstration)

Strike (*1) (Streik)


   executive power

Governmental repression (*1) (Staatliche Repression)

Deportation (*1) (Deportation)

Eviction (*1) (Zwangsräumung)

Deescalation strategy (*1) (Deeskalierungsstrategie)

House-to-house search (*1) (Rastafahndung)



Telephone sex affair (*1) (Telefonsex-Affäre)

Church asylum (*1) (Kirchenasyl)

Torture commision (*1) (Folterkommission)

Employment cuts (*1) (Stellenstreichung)



Toxis gas attack (*1) (Giftgasanschlag)

Terror attack (*1) (Terroranschlag)

Genocide attack (*1) (Selbstmord-Attentäter)



Preventitive war (*1) (Präventivschlag)

Foreign affairs (*1) (Außenpolitik)


Aliens invade the USA (*1) (Aliens bezwingen die USA)